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Christmas Trees

For this exciting part of the year, why not get your Christmas Tree from Mill Lane Nursery too?

Our trees are sourced locally and are freshly cut. We stock the Traditional Christmas Tree as well as some others, including the non-needle drop variety, Nordman Fir as well as many others. Our trees range from 3ft - 7ft. 

For your own garden, we will also stock potted Christmas Trees.  


Our handmade wreaths are fresh and colourful for the festive period. 


We have the traditional circular shape as well as oasis-based wreaths which will stay fresher for longer. Both arrangements make excellent decorations and are perfect for adding the extra Christmas touch. 


If you are looking for a unique gift for family or friends, we have a range of indoor and outdoor plants available during the festive period. 

Our Alstroemeria cut flower will also be available during Christmas.

Gift wrapping is also available. 

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