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Jobs for July


With warm temperatures likely throughout July it is import to keep all your garden plants, tubs and hanging baskets well watered. Watering is best done either in the morning or evening. As the Summer goes on it is also beneficial to feed your plants, so that they continue to look their best. Feeding should take place every couple of weeks with a liquid feed. A liquid feed is perfect for this time of year because the plant can take up the nutrients much quicker this way compared to a granulated feeds. We stock a great organic multi-purpose liquid feed for £5.99 per bottle.

During July it is important to keep shrubs such as Hydrangeas, Rhododendrons, Camelias and Magnolias well watered, as new buds will be beginning to from within the flower stem. If left to dry out you may find that next years flowers will be significantly reduced.

There’s still time for planting

Its not too late to plant a range of Veg plants. Plants such as Runner/ French beans, Tomatoes, Carrots and Lettuce will still thrive even if planted now. You can also sow Spring onion, radish, Spinach and other salad seeds. All of these can be found in our Veg section.

Battling slugs & snails

It is a common time for slugs and snails to strike and destroy some lovely plants and vegetables. For this reason, it is important to take some preventative steps. As well as the usual techniques like slug pellets you can try using pots with water reservoirs such as Maxi-pots (In stock now for £8.99 with a choice of 4 colours). This can deter the pesky creatures from climbing your pots to chomp at your delicious plants and helps save time on watering.


With hotter temperatures your lawn can begin to suffer which is why it is important to give tired areas a good quality feed. As well as feeding, weed removal is also important before they start taking over. Be sure to find a lawn safe weed killer which is best applied in early mornings or evenings out of direct sunlight.

Happy Gardening!

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