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Plant of the week: Cornus Sanguinea

Cornus’ are commonly referred to as Dogwood and are often chosen for their amazing stem colour, foliage or flowers. The Sanguinea varieties grow vivid coloured stems all year round which makes them perfect for Winter interest.

These deciduous shrubs also have great foliage from Spring through to Autumn. Small flowers appear in clusters to add extra colour through the Summer. Cornus’ are well suited to most soil types and will thrive in damp clay conditions where other shrubs would struggle. As well as being strong growers in various conditions, this low maintenance shrub can withstand temperatures as low as -20 degrees Celsius.

Growing in an upright fashion, these shrubs are perfect for garden beds and borders. Most varieties will grow to a maximum height and width of 2 meters but can easily be pruned to keep compact. If pruning is required, it’s best to do this in March/April and can be cut back to a height of 60-90cm.

For best results plant in a sunny to partial sunned area and water well until established. Mulch or farmyard manure is also advised in Spring to help water retention.

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