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Plant of the week: Prunus Okame

Prunus are well known for their colourful blossoms, foliage and fruits. The Okame variety is no exception to this as they produce large numbers of bright pink single flowers in late Winter into Spring.

As well as Spring colour, this deciduous tree has wonderful Autumn foliage with leaves going from deep green to orange and red.

The Okame can be treated as a small tree or be pruned to keep as a bush (best pruned in Summer). This versatility makes it ideal for almost any garden as they can be kept to a size to suit its area. As an alternative Prunus Kojo-no-mai is very similar, however stays more compact and produces small white flowers instead.

Both of these varieties are extremely hardy and can withstand almost any soil type. If you’re after more Winter colour the Prunus Autumnalis Rosea variety flowers from November to April with pink semi double blossoms.For the best results, plant in a sunny position with good drainage. Suitable for containers, garden beds and borders.

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