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Plant of the week: Photinia x Fraseri ‘Red Robin

Photinias are an extremely reliable large shrub or small tree which are often evergreen and grow in an upright fashion. The Red Robin variety is a particular favourite because it is easy to grow, provides colour throughout the year and is very versatile with how it can be used.

The glossy foliage is deep green with the new growth being a vibrant red which is mainly seen in Spring. On established specimens, small white flowers will appear in early Summer. As well as being evergreen, it can also withstand temperatures as low as -15C.

Growing up to a rate of 1ft a year and having an ultimate height of 15ft makes the Red Robin ideal for hedging. As well as these benefits, the Red Robin can be easily pruned to keep it to the desired shape, however this should only be done in Spring or Summer.

For best results, plant in a position which gets some sun throughout the day and is well drained. Suitable for most soil types and once established requires little maintenance.

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