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Plant of the week: English Lavender

Botanical name: Lavandula Angustifolia ‘Hidcote’

English Lavender is a popular hardy evergreen shrub known for its fragrance which comes from its purple flower heads and silvery foliage. Even though most English Lavender is purple, there are white and pink varieties available which often have their individual aroma.

Quick fact: This Lavender can survive to temperatures as low as -15

Flowering throughout summer and into autumn, this shrub is extremely popular with bees and other wildlife! The humble Lavender plant is perfect for garden borders and dwarf hedging due to its compact and bushy nature.

Plant in a sunny and well drained position but don’t worry too much about soil type or acidity as English Lavender can tolerate most conditions! Prune in early spring or late Autumn to allow more light to the centre of the plant, which is often woodier in appearance, to help it thrive in summer months.

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