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Plant of the week: Euonymus Alatus

Euonymus is a large genus made up of many tree and shrub varieties which are popular because of their colourful foliage and strong growing habits!

The Alatus variety is commonly known as burning bush because of its intense vibrant red foliage in Autumn but it also has lush green leaves from Spring.

Quick fact: Native to China, Japan & Korea

As well as it’s colourful leaves, small pale green flowers are produced followed by attractive purple-red fruits. This large bushy shrub will grow to around 2.5 meters in height and width which makes it ideal for garden beds and borders.

The Alatus is a perfect low maintenance shrub because it can be planted in most soil types, requires no pruning and will withstand temperatures as low as -20. For best results, plant in full or partial sun with well drained soil and plant in Autumn or Spring.

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