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Plant of the week: Hardy Fuchsia

Hardy Fuchsias are strong and dependable bushy shrubs which are a favourite because of their long lasting colour.

Starting from mid-summer, a mass of bell shaped flowers appear and it continues through to late Autumn. The contrast between colours on each flower head makes them stand out from other shrubs, making them a real feature for any garden.

The lush green foliage is a common characteristic of most hardy Fuchsias. Most hardy Fuchsias are deciduous such as the Tom Thumb variety, with it’s leaves falling in late Autumn or early Winter after turning bright yellow.

Quick fact: Most Hardy Fuchsias have mid green leaves however gold and variegated Fuchsias are available.

Hardy Fuchsias are also very versatile and can be placed in garden beds, borders and containers as well as hanging baskets. Taller varieties like Riccartonii can be used for a low growing hedge.

Most varieties will grow to a maximum of 1 meter tall and 1 meter wide.

For best results plant in a partial shaded position, water well until established and prune back dead stems in April. Even though most Hardy varieties will survive to temperatures as low as -10 it is best to plant them in sheltered areas for extra protection.

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