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Plant of the week: Stokesia Blue Star

Stokesias are a group of flowering hardy perennials which originate from the Southeast of America.

The flowers are either blue, purple or white and appear in late Summer and continue into Autumn. The large bright coloured flower heads are loved by bees and other pollinators, which is especially important this time of year as pollen is hard to come by!

Quick fact: The Stokesia is named after botanist and physician Johnathan Stokes

Ideally used in garden beds, borders and patio containers this tough plant is evergreen so will provide great foliage throughout the year. The Stokesia Blue star variety (as pictured) prefer slightly acidic soil and will grow to around 60 cm tall and 40 cm wide.

For best results plant in a well drained spot which gets either full or partial sun.

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